Drug Development At The Speed of AI

We use AI to discover better medicines faster -- then our team of industry veterans rapidly takes those candidates into clinical trials.

X-37 Announces $14.5 Million Series A

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Rapid Drug Discovery

When it comes to selecting molecules to bind difficult drug targets, no computational technology is more effective than AtomNet by Atomwise, Inc. AtomNet is the first deep learning neural network for structure-based drug design and discovery.

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We Know The Drug Development Business

X-37’s world-class development team includes CEOs, Chief Medical Officers, and Executives who have successfully led the development and regulatory approval of a wide range of human therapeutics for leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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David Collier


Matthew Kerby

Head of Lead Discovery

Ed Schnipper

Head of Clinical Development

Tackling the Most Troublesome Targets with the Largest Libraries

Our AI-driven approach to drug development lets us work on the most difficult-to-target proteins across the broadest possible chemical space. We focus on targets of high therapeutic value that have stymied previous attempts to develop drugs against them.

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