Better Medicines. Faster.

We move at the speed of AI. X-37 accelerates the drug discovery process by using state-of-the art technology to efficiently explore the vast universe of drug-like compounds in silico, while our veteran drug development team guides the journey from target selection to clinical study design and FDA approval.

X-37 Announces $14.5 Million Series A

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Drugging the Undruggable

Our AI-driven approach to drug development lets us work on the most difficult-to-target proteins across the broadest possible chemical space. We focus on targets of high therapeutic value that have challenged the conventional drug discovery industry – sparking new hope for safe, effective therapies in these diseases. Our current targets have established causal roles in autoimmune disease, cancer, and anticoagulation.

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We Know Drug Development

X-37’s world-class management team has successfully led the development and regulatory approval of a wide range of therapeutics for leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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Ed Schnipper

Head of Clinical Development

Anie Roche

General Counsel

David Collier


Accelerating Drug Discovery

We leverage the latest advances in drug discovery technology by building partnerships with AI companies that specialize in cutting-edge technology designed to identify small molecules that can potently and selectively bind difficult-to-drug targets. Our flexible approach allows us to select the best technology for every target in our pipeline.

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